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Intercession: Standing in the place of...

War Room Warriors is an apostolic prophetic prayer hub for training, equipping, and deploying, kings and priests in the area of intercessory prayer, prophetic development, spiritual discipleship, emotional intelligence, with a holistic approach.

Our main assignment is to pray for leaders and the Seven Mountains of cultural influence: Business, Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Family and Religion. 

Our vision:

Build a people of prayer who impact every sector of culture

and society, beginning with their own temple.

Our mission:

  • Training 

  • Equipping

  • Deploying

People That Pray was birthed on April 20, 2020 as the Lord began to expand our assignment to partner with other prayer ministries to fulfill its mission of prophetic global intercession in the earth.



Bringing Change



Started in May 2016 as a "safe place" to pray for all things concerning marriage, We currently have over 75 years of marriage experience in our midst!

Our mission is "Marriage God's Way...His Original Intent."

Our vision is to keep marriage as our first ministry and draw on the support of other Sister Wives who have traveled paths that we may encounter.



Started in February 2019

Our mission is to uplift and encourage single women to walk confidently in their purpose and destiny, realizing the uniqueness God has given them as chosen women to be impactful and to change the stigma, "single is wasted."

Our vision is that we will be women that are whole, willing to love, trust and to accept our God-given assignment. We are confident, intentional, and living life on purpose!

WRW 2021.jpg


The WRW Sisterhood was started to create a safe place for women to grow spiritually and naturally. Prayer is the thread that knits our hearts to God and each other. To ensure that we never stray from our purpose we address the topic of sisterhood often. We held our first gathering in March of 2016 and meet throughout the year in fellowship and love. It is a place where we truly do life together!



We pray together, help each other, and do life together! Please pray for us as we reach those who may not have a voice and those who pray silently because they feel they can't be heard. No matter what is going on in the world, we as intercessors 'mand' our post, pray, and help in deed.


Apostle Shelby Frederick

Founder & Visionary

War Room Warriors & People That Pray


Foundational scriptures for the 7 Mountain Mandate Isaiah 2:1-5 and Micah 4:1-7


Music, filmmaking, television, social media, and the performing arts shape our society's values and standards.
The industry relies on sex, drugs and alcohol to influence the culture. The body of Christ needs powerful, righteous men and women who are not afraid to take their God-given talent into the arts and entertainment arenas. People that Pray is ready to further His purpose and impact the industry with prayers to change the influence to Kingdom principles.



People are influenced by a lack of morals popular leaders adopt. Usually a nations moral standards are dependent upon those shown by its leaders. Proverbs 14:34 states that, “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Although the separation of church and state is evident in our nation we must seek to put righteous leaders in office to affect all aspects of government.



The media mountain includes news sources such as radio, TV news stations, newspapers, Internet news and opinion (blog) sites and etc. The media sways popular opinion based upon reporting sources. You see this trend in politics and celebrity news.
People that Pray have networking opportunities to reach media influencers and create change over all. We intercede for Christians who are gifted for and called into this type of work must be willing to report righteously and truthfully in the secular marketplace.

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School shootings, no prayer allowed in schools, and manipulated curriculums shows the need to intercede for the nation's education system.
Now, the children of our nation are indoctrinated with false, biased anti-biblical information.  
People that Pray are called to re-introduce biblical truth and intercede for the education system to be restored to what God calls it to be.



The religious spirit dominates this mountain. It is not just Christians idolizing the law but other secular religions who do not reveal Jesus Christ as the only one and true God. The focus is about the relationship we have with Christ. Anything or anyone else is idolizing that certain thing. It will take a unified people of prayer to tear down this mountain. The fortresses exist deeply within the Church and secular religions. Praying as one voice can demolish the enemy and its tactics.

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Creating wealth is for the glory of God. He gives us ability to do so through enterprise, creativity and effort. . The markets and economic systems include anything from farms to small businesses to large corporations that run the entire nation.
Much of the corruption happens through idolatry, greed and covetousness. In response, People that Pray embraces the responsibility to train up those who are called into the marketplace to manage businesses and provide leadership with integrity and honesty. We believe the Lord will make his people prosperous and that He desires for His Church to use its wealth to finance the work of Kingdom expansion.

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Family is the foundational piece of all communities. God desires that we maintain family structure as he models it. After all, He is the ultimate Father (Romans 8:14-17).
Today's families have been under attack with high rates of divorce, fatherlessness, abuse, and homosexual marriages bringing dysfunction to what God originated. Intercessors are called to bring order to the chaos. Our prayers stand upon healing the dysfunction to bring up children in the future God created for them.

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