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I joined WRW at the start of it. I have benefited tremendously spiritually as an intercessor, prophet and teacher. I will be always be eternally grateful for these sisters' support, friendship and prayers, it has been life changing.

Sharron Thomas


I joined this powerful group when I was at a low point in life a while back. Since then I have girded up my loins, and God has strengthened my mind and my spirit through prayer. When I was looking for one mentor God gave me a tribe! I am eternally grateful for such powerful, praying, spirit-filled women that I can do life with.

LaMeshia Conley @meshnicci


I've been apart of WRW since it started in 2015. It was only a group of 6 prayer warriors at that time. Now we have 35 prayer leaders! WOW!!!! My life has been forever changed since being connected with different women across the globe. WRW started one day before my nephew was murdered and God knew my prayer life had to increase or I would have died in grief while living. I'm so grateful for Shelby's leadership and the continued growth of all who is connected to WRW! This ministry transforms lives inside and out! We are women of integrity and strive to follow the principles of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Asia Davis @asiadeedavis


I joined WRW 4 years ago. It has been a life changing experience for me. I've grown in every area of my life and I love it. WRW Sisterhood challenges you to be ALL God has called you to be while holding you accountable. I love this group of women because we love in word and deed.

Shalonda Owens @ftlc06


My name is Charmelle Royal. I was introduced to War Room Warriors by Asia Davis, and since being apart my life as an intercessor has not been the same. These ladies push me in the spirit and in the natural to persevere in every area of my life. When there is a need they will give out of themselves, as well as, financially without hesitation. 
WRW is a sisterhood that I have never experienced before, which allows me to trust again. I am honored to be apart as well as to oversee the WRW Singles.

Charmelle Royal

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