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Columbus, Ohio

Are you a Business Owner, Government  Leader, or Organization Executive looking to jump-start your Strategic Plan for 2023 and beyond? Prayer & Business Conclave was created with you in mind! Our P.I.C. Team focuses on purpose development, team building, process buildout, and leadership evolution, through a holistic lens.


Onsite Analysis includes the following:

  • Prayers, Declarations & Strategy Session

  • Execution & Implementation Plan

  • Industry-Specific Prayer Points

  • Prayer for your team

Prayer Business Conclave3.png

All participants of a P&BC Strategy Session must sign an NDA form before starting the session. As people of God, we operate with the highest level of integrity. You can rest assured that your ideas and information are not shared by our team outside of your session. You will also not be contacted by any team member after your session. If you decide to work one-on-one with any team member, you must contact Shelby Frederick to sign a release form.


While we do not charge for prayer, we do charge for strategy sessions. If you could utilize this service to propel your business purpose in 2023, reserve your spot! Spaces are limited. 

We look forward to serving YOU!

~ Your Pivot Coach, Shelby Frederick

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